Beauty Scene; Viking Queen
Music makes that awkward time between birth and death a little more bearable.
Saving the world one person at a time.
Beauty Scene Viking Queen
Ohana Means Family.
I'm 19. I'm Eri.
I'm A Viking. I'm Alive,and I'm Living.
I like Cats and Caffine and The Internet.
Lilo And Stitch. X-Men. Sherlock.
Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Star Trek. Doctor Who. Stargate. A Song Of Fire And Ice (i.e. Game Of Thrones). Repo! The Genetic Opera. Metalocalypse. Invader Zim. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Avatar the Last Airbender. American Horror Story.
Twitter = @PrettyBoyWithMe Insta = @DyingVixen
  • Gavin decided to take a little….
    Wait for it.
    Wait for it…
    Cat. Nap.
    Thanks, I’ll be here all week 💋

  • I’m feeling better.
    #Skulls #TigerEye #SelfieNation

  • Oops Mom, were you trying yo read?

  • Super Healthy Breakfast! #VanillaYogurt #Strawberries #Blueberries #Kiwi #Banana #SweetTea

  • Ahi, Kale, Garlic, and Peach Tea ❤❤❤❤

  • #Dinner #Kale #Garlic #AhiTuna #MonkeyBread

  • Even on bad days, I get up and dress, and feign some normalcy. #OOTD #Cami #Camo #Cargo #Mirror #BreatheOn

  • Not that you can really see. But I’m sick. So me and Gavin built a pillow fort and are snuggling. He also keeps trying to groom my hair.

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  • I was only a kid when I left Earth, and I had no idea what the universe had in store for me.

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    10 Studying/homework Tips!

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    Where was this when I was in school???

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    How to Pack Luggage?

    Just packed my suitcase like this and it was surprisingly effective! Hard to believe that I don’t have packing 100% down by now but I guess you can always learn something new. :)

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